Private Courses

Private AHA CPR-AED, BLS, ACLS, PALS & More at your Home, Office, Corporate or Health Care facility

Coast to Coast Medical Training is the premiere American Heart Association Training site and Florida Board of Nursing certified to offer a wide variety of healthcare training in a private setting and on-location to suit the needs of busy health care professionals, health care facilities and corporate entities.

As a trusted and highly rated south Florida medical training facility, we routinely provide private instruction to individuals and groups on-location to fit the specific needs of our clients. From Large health care facilities to the smallest doctors office, we provide medical training in a wide variety of subjects to meet and clients needs.

The Benefit of Private Courses!

  • Our private courses are frequently requested by major hotel chains throughout Florida and the Caribbean to offer guests a higher level of customer service and safety.
  • Many Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers and clinics require their staff to be certified in American Heart Association BLS, ACLS and PALS. Busy schedules make it convenient and cost effective to have staff earn their certifications during the work day or after closing together, which also helps with team building.
  • A wide variety of corporate non-medical companies request CPR-AED classes to employees as a way to work on team building, while offering additional safety during medical emergencies in the work place.
  • Religious organizations, homes of worship and congregations of many faiths request our private CPR-AED and First Aid courses to their staff and congregants for emergencies they may encounter during worship services, at home with their families or on foreign missions.
  • We receive and offer CPR-AED courses to parents with children who want to know how to handle a medical emergency involving their children should the need arise. We love when children participate! They’re the best rescuers!!!!

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